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Gt. Yarmouth and Rambouillet became “twin” towns in 1956 with the aim that the people and children of the two towns should get to know and understand one another better and the Gt. Yarmouth and Rambouillet Twinning Association has since developed to foster these aims. Early visits were by school-children but in 1961 a group called “The Friends of Rambouillet” was formed to promote visits by people of all ages and in 1981 the original Twinning Committee and the “Friends” became the Gt. Yarmouth and Rambouillet Twinning Committee.

Rambouillet has much to offer the visitor, the main street with its delightful shops and market, a chateau and park, historic buildings and a forest where one is free to roam on foot, by bicycle or by car. No less important are the Rambolitains, the people of the town, who are friendly, and hospitable. The Chateau is similar to our Chequers, an escape from the city for the President of France, and it and its beautiful park are open to view when he is not in residence. The park is noted for its Lily of the Valley, the town symbol, and every spring there is a Lily of the Valley Festival.

The medieval town of Chartres, with its glorious cathedral and unique glass windows, Versailles and Monet’s garden at Giverny are all within easy reach.,and Rambouillet itself has many places of interest, most of which are within walking distance of the town centre and shops. The Rambolitrain, or Museum of Trains, is well worth a visit, a large collection of models, 1/3 of which are British and the most wonderful layout, running through 3 rooms. Within the park are historic buildings, such as Queen Marie Antoinette’s Dairy and the Bergerie, or Royal College of Sheep Husbandry.

All this and much more makes it an ideal centre for a family holiday or a school visit and the warmth and friendship of the Rambolitains is sure to make your stay a happy one.

Over the last 53 years the visits begun in the early days of Twinning have continued, each alternate year a group from Gt. Yarmouth travels to Rambouillet and they visit us the next. Each time we stay in the homes of the people of Rambouillet and each year we are greeted as friends and treated to an enjoyable weekend of joint activities.

We reciprocate and try to show our friends some Gt. Yarmouth hospitality as well as a glimpse of what the town and surrounding countryside has to offer.

Every fifth year we celebrate the signing of the Twinning Agreement by an exchange of civic representatives and on these occasions the activities are usually more formal, but we hope just as enjoyable to all concerned

For those of you who prefer independent travel there are plenty of hotels and restaurants to be found and you will still be assured of a warm welcome.

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